About Edwin Tibbals

Detroit born, I’ve swam the Great Lakes at times.
I grew up in California and learned that West Coast way of life.
I’ve been all through the country and seen some sights that sure were fine.
A cold drink, good country music, and time out on the road – things I am looking for.

I grew into the king of the road, every girl my potential queen.
I wanted to know every one — then hold them in my arms while I’d sing.

Been playing guitar nearly all my life, a bandstand in New York and under Vegas lights.
I play what I want, and I say whatever I like.
I love Bakersfield dearly, and I’ll sing Haggard all night.

35(+) years I never stopped to think, “Does that bottle hold any truth?”
Worried my share, but liquor never crossed a tooth.

That’s how it goes in my life, and you know it’s been a hard ride.
A bed of stone and a chair of knives, I cannot swim and the river’s so wide.
And now you see what it’s like to be me…

— ET4

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Hellbender (2017) by Edwin Tibbals is not an album for pretenders, and it is not an album for second-handers. Hellbender is a work of art.

A unique result of a unique temperament and talent, the beauty of this album comes from the fact that its creator is a true artist.

Forgetting to join the assembly of the discontented, what Edwin Tibbals has produced in Hellbender is a remarkable tribute to his unmatched integrity. Tibbals has bucked the worrying trend of music that insults the listener and has instead made a huge contribution towards rescuing the true values of the genuine singer/songwriter.

Simply put: Edwin Tibbals is the real deal, and Hellbender is a testament to that fact.

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For more information, email contact@edwintibbals4.com.

Western World

Western World, a new collection of original songs from Edwin Tibbals, is coming soon in 2018.

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One Time Honky Tonker

Wholesome and heartfelt original music for fans of traditional country music, songwriting, and honky tonk sounds.

Buy One Time Honky Tonker here.

For more information, email contact@edwintibbals4.com.